What is HELLYEAH Battlegrounds?

The Apocalypse has hit and chaos is rampant across the land. Are you strong enough to survive in this toxic world? Prove your worth or meet your maker! Survive the new toxic world, collect gear, find the items you need to survive and grow your own food. Battle it out old-school style and prove you worth! Level up the old fashioned way, earn your experience! Go out on a riot run, mug your victims or bust your friends out of Jail. Join a gang pod and ravish the land! Take over this Apocalypse and rule!

Strongest Survivors

User Level
[NFG] 867
[NFG] 805
[GP] 187
[NFG] 881
[OMG] 838
Active Survivors

User Action
[NFG] 1m 41s
[OMG] 13m 19s
Suru Tensei15m 14s
[HLT] Senpai17m 57s
[NFG] 19m 46s
Top Gangs

Gang Level
No FuKs GiVeN753
CiNz C0ff33 TiM3606
The Crazies Asylum597